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Conjoint Appointments and Visiting Staff

Conjoint staff

Alexander David Wodak, Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Alice Margaret Munro, Conjoint Associate Lecturer
Amanda Baker, Conjoint Professor
Amanda Dart Roxburgh, Conjoint Associate Lecturer
Andrea Mant, Conjoint Associate Professor
Bianca Calabria, Conjoint Lecturer
Briony Kate Larance, Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Edmund Aivars Silins, Conjoint Lecturer
Folorunso Oyekan, Conjoint Associate Lecturer
Frances Kay-Lambkin, Conjoint Associate Professor
Jennifer Joan Chalmers, Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Joanne Elizabeth Ross, Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Johan Duflou, Conjoint Associate Professor
John Howard, Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Julaine Maree Allan, Conjoint Associate Lecturer
Kypros Kypri, Conjoint Professor
Marian Doris Shanahan, Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Marianne Elizabeth Jauncey, Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Mark Enea Montebello, Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Mary Ellen Harrod, Conjoint Associate Lecturer
Matthew Dunn, Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Nadine Ezard, Conjoint Professor
Raimondo Bruno, Conjoint Associate Professor
Robert Michael Page, Conjoint Lecturer
Roderic Andrew MacQueen, Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Sachin Anandraj Patil, Conjoint Associate Lecturer
Sharlene Susan Kaye, Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Susan Lee Hudson, Conjoint Associate Lecturer
Wayne Denis Hall AM, Conjoint Professor

Visiting academic staff

Annick Balvaneda Borquez, Visiting Fellow
Caitlin Hughes, Visiting Fellow
Caroline Jane Hunt, Visiting Professor
Daniel Frederick Lewer, Visiting Fellow
Delyse Hutchinson, Visiting Senior Lecturer
Fiona Jayne Charlson, Visiting Fellow
Jack Elliott Stone, Visiting Fellow
Jan Copeland, Honorary Visiting Professor
Joanne Kimber, Visiting Senior Lecturer
Kevin Gournay, Visiting Professor
King Yi Janni Leung, Visiting Fellow
Lynda Berends, Visiting Senior Lecturer
Matthew Hickman, Visiting Professor
Monica Jane Barratt, Visiting Fellow
Piotr Jan Tutka, Visiting Professor
Richard Phillip Mattick, Honorary Visiting Professor
Sally Ann Hunt, Visiting Fellow
Yanping Bao, Visiting Fellow

Adjunct academic staff

Courtney Lynn Breen, Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Duran Cox, Adjunct Associate Lecturer
Mariane Franca Falco, Adjunct Lecturer
Paul Dietze, Adjunct Professor
Shikha Agrawal, Adjunct Associate Lecturer
Simon Ronchi Lenton, Adjunct Professor