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Cannabis: ‘Drugs and the Body’ video series

Image - Cannabis: ‘Drugs and the Body’ video series
Date Published:
8 Jun 2023

Cannabis is one of the most widely consumed drugs worldwide. It is of clinical and public health interest as it has recently been legalised in many jurisdictions worldwide. In this lecture, we examine the major forms that cannabis takes and how the drug is consumed. The lecture will cover the effects of cannabis on each of the major organ systems and mental health.  



‘Drugs and the Body’ is a nine-part video series being released in 2023 by NDARC featuring Professor Shane Darke. The video series will be covering material found in the following books The Clinician‘s Guide to Illicit Drugs and Health  and The Pocket Guide to Drugs and Health, Co-Authored by NDARC’s Director, Professor Michael Farrell, Professor Shane Darke, and Associate Professor Julia Lappin.