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NDARC Symposium: Vaping offers real promise to cut smoking rates and cancer risk says world expert

Image - NDARC Symposium: Vaping offers real promise to cut smoking rates and cancer risk says world expert
Date Published:
16 Aug 2018

NDARC is delighted to host internationally renowned smoking cessation researcher and medical practitioner, Professor Hayden McRobbie at the NDARC Annual Symposium on Mon, 8 October 2018 at UNSW Sydney.

Hayden McRobbie is Professor in Public Health Interventions at the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine, Queen Mary University of London (QMUL); and clinical advisor to the New Zealand (NZ) Ministry of Health on Tobacco Control issues.

Professor McRobbie is also the Deputy Director of the International Centre for Tobacco Cessation, a medical smoking cessation specialist at Counties Manukau District Health Board (which serves one of the most socially-deprived areas of NZ), and a senior advisor to the National Training Service (NZ) that provides training for smoking cessation practitioners.

Professor McRobbie’s work has been instrumental in building the evidence base around the role of e-cigarettes in helping smoking cessation and reduction, as well as significantly reducing cancer risk among smokers who switch to e-cigarettes.

McRobbie’s published work in this area includes a Cochrane systematic review (2014) and the world’s first randomised controlled trial comparing the effectiveness of e-cigarettes with Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) in helping people quit smoking published in the Lancet (2013). 

At the 2018 NDARC Symposium, Professor McRobbie will lead a session with Professor Michael Farrell and Jo Mitchell, Executive Director, Centre for Population Health at NSW Health, on the challenges of translating research evidence into public policy with a focus on smoking cessation research.

Professor McRobbie is a research collaborator with NDARC Research Fellow and smoking researcher Dr Ryan Courtney and is a chief investigator (CI) on NDARC’s world first RCT comparing natural medicine cytisine with varenicline in smoking cessation.

“I am really looking forward to coming to NDARC with whom I have a growing collaboration in the field of smoking cessation research,” says Professor McRobbie.

“With rates of smoking still unacceptably high in many countries in the world and among low SES smokers, now is a really exciting time to be involved in smoking research and policy.”

Professor McRobbie says that the growing body of research around vaping is one of the most exciting and promising areas of research right now.

“Some people miss the sensory aspects of smoking, like inhaling something, when they stop smoking, and vaping can fill that void,” he says.

"Switching from smoking to vaping is a harm reduction approach. Vapour has been found to contain a range of toxins, but at significantly lower levels than tobacco smoke.”

Don’t miss Professor McRobbie at the 2018 NDARC Annual Symposium, where he will present: Translation of research into policy and practice: examples from smoking cessation. Register today