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New resources for athletes, parents, benzo users

Alcohol and the developing brain: a resource from the NDARC Education Trust.
Date Published:
3 Dec 2013
Contact person:
Kati Haworth
02 9385 0252

NDARC Education Trust (NET) has released three new easy-to-read publications.

What’s the Score: The facts on alcohol and other drugs in sport explains the effects of recreational drug use on an athlete’s performance. It is recommended reading for athletes, coaches and adolescents. The resource includes ideas on how to celebrate sporting successes safely.

Benzos: A drug user’s guide explains what benzodiazepines are, harms associated with their misuse, risks of overdose and recommendations on how to safely stop using them.  The resource is appropriate for benzodiazepine users and those who work with users.

Alcohol and the developing brain explains what researchers have uncovered about brain changes in adolescence and the early twenties, including cognitive processes such as decision making and willingness to participate in risk taking behaviour. The booklet explores how alcohol can affect brain development during this life stage and addresses common questions from parents such as how effectively families can influence teen alcohol consumption and whether a European-style ‘everything in moderation’ approach at home is best for young adults. The resource is useful for teenagers, parents and schools.

All resources can be viewed and ordered on the NET website.