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Prof. Joanne Neale to present guest lecture at NDARC

Date Published:
19 Apr 2012
Contact person:
Marion Downey
02 9385 0124

Professor Joanne Neale from Department of Social Work and Public Health, Oxford Brookes University will present at the NDARC seminar series today at 3pm on “Fit for life: qualitative, quantitative and physiological indicators of physical activity amongst heroin users”. The seminar is in the R1 Building on the Randwick campus, 22-32 King Street. Please come to NDARC reception, R3 Building, about 10 minutes before the seminar starts.

Joanne has been the lead researcher on a number of qualitative and quantitative studies of substance misuse. Joanne was also the first co-ordinator of the national Drug Outcome Research in Scotland (DORIS) study. Her recently completed projects have included a study of drug user involvement in treatment decisions and a study of barriers to the effective treatment of injecting drug users.

Joanne's current projects include a sociological investigation of the everyday lives of recovering heroin users and a pilot study investigating problem drug use and physical activity within the prison setting.

UPDATE: A copy of Professor Neale's presentation is available here.

Image credit: Oxford Brookes University.