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Dr Nicola Man


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Dr Man is currently a Research Fellow on the Drug Trends Program at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre. She has an interest in the collection and statistical analysis of data from a variety of sources including linked administrative data and household surveys. She was involved in a cross-jurisdiction data linkage project investigating the impact of the National Emergency Access Target (NEAT) policy on emergency departments in Australia. Dr Man has also collaborated on research projects involving hidden and marginalised populations vulnerable to HIV in low and middle income countries. They have used non-traditional data collection methodologies such as respondent driven sampling for studies on men who have sex with men as well as people who sell and exchange sex. Other projects she had worked on included health financing and equity in low and middle income countries and a prevalence study on parents with intellectual disability.

University role: 
Research Fellow

BVSc BSc(Vet) PhD

Research activities: 

I am currently a biostatistician/data scientist in the Drug Trends program at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre.

Teaching & Supervision
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Areas of supervision: 

Statistical analysis of data, e.g. linked administrative data, survey data