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Dr Sarah Larney


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Dr Sarah Larney is an Assistant Professor at the University of Montreal and adjunct Senior Lecturer at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC), University of New South Wales. Her research focuses on injecting drug use and related problems - including problems that arise from injecting (e.g. HIV and hepatitis infections; bacterial infections; injecting injuries), and problems arising from the types of drugs injected (opioid use disorder and its treatment; methamphetamine-related health problems). She works to generate high-quality epidemiological data on injecting drug use and related problems in Australia and internationally, and to use these data to a) improve the safety, efficiency and targeting of current responses to injecting drug use, and b) to develop new responses to neglected harms (e.g. skin infections) of injecting drug use. 

University role: 
Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Research activities: 

Current work includes:

Global systematic reviews to estimate the prevalence of injecting drug use, HIV and viral hepatitis among people who inject drugs, and coverage of HIV prevention interventions for this population (funded by WHO, UNAIDS, UNODC, Open Society Foundations, and Global Fund)

A feasibility and acceptability study of take-home naloxone for people leaving custody in NSW (funded by Indivior)

Data linkage studies examining outcomes of opioid substitution therapy

Socio-economic Objective (SEO) tags: 
Substance Abuse
Criminal Justice
Infectious Diseases
Teaching & Supervision
I am available to supervise: 
Areas of supervision: 

Research supervision

PhD opportunities are available for people with experience in analysing linked administrative data. This can be methods-focused (with primary supervision from a biostatistician and content supervision from myself) or content-focused (health service use of people with opioid use disorders; hepatitis C virus among people who inject drugs). We are particularly interested in applying machine learning methods to linked data. 

 I am also interested in supervising studies of the epidemiology of injecting drug use, opioid use, and/or methamphetamine use, including population estimation, geospatial mapping and trends over time