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Miss Billie Townsend


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Billie joined the National Drug and Alcohol Centre (NDARC) in 2018. Billie is currently working with the CESSATE Study Research Team, a study evaluating the cost-effectiveness of two smoking cessation products, Desmoxan and Champix. Previously, Billie’s research has focused on Public Health, Indigenous Health, Rural Communities and Qualitative Social Research. Billie's thesis (Hons, 2017) examined nurse memorials in Australian communities, focusing on cultural artefacts to uncover further narratives of nurse influence in rural Australian communities.

University role: 
Research Assistant
Cultural History · Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Univeristy of Wollongong.

Second Class, First Division.

Research activities: 

Theory that Explains an Aboriginal Perspective of Learning to Understand and Manage Diabetes

Nov 20, 2016  Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, vol. 41, no.1, pp. 27–31.


Engaging Aboriginal People in Research: Taking a Decolonizing Gaze

Aug 11, 2017  Liamputtong, P. ed, Handbook of Research Methods in Health Social Sciences, Springer Singapore, pp:1-17