Mr Richard Mellor


image - Richard Mellor

Richard joined the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC) in 2016. He is currently undertaking a PhD at the Drug Policy Modelling Program. Richard's PhD project will examine the untreated remission of alcohol problems. This will involve understanding the way in which those with alcohol problems engage in ‘spontaneous remission’ or ‘natural recovery’ outside of the treatment setting. A mixed methods approach will be adopted, as this will enable a broad understanding of a relatively under-studied phenomenon. 

Richard's thesis will ask the following questions: 

  1. To what extent does untreated remission exist, and how does this influence estimates of unmet need for treatment?
  2. What are the characteristics of those who engage in the process of untreated remission?
  3. How do those in remission without formal treatment differ to those in remission with formal treatment?
  4. How do we understand the experience of untreated remission, the mechanisms of change, and the role of identity and narrative in the process of untreated remission?

Prior to joining NDARC, Richard received First Class in the Bacholer of Psychological Science (Honours) form the Australian College of Applied Psychology in 2015. Richard's thesis critically examined the way in which Gambling Disorder is conceived of through the Brain Disease Model of Addiction.    

University role: 
Research Assistant