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Ms Saki Talukder


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I am a PhD. Candidate at the National Drug National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC). I completed my Master of Public Health degree and began working as a Research Assistant with The CESSATE study team at NDARC in 2018. Later I enrolled in higher degree research where my research interests and focus of my PhD include understanding the barriers to treatment utilization and smoking cessation among people with mental health disorders.

My recent work on Inequity in Smoking Cessation Clinical Trials Testing Pharmacotherapies: Exclusion of Smokers with Mental Health Disorders has been published in the BMJ - Tobacco Control. I am eager to broaden her research expertise into other fields of research and data analytic approaches within the addiction space and further my research collaborations by working with experts in the field.

University role: 
Research Assistant

MPH, BSc (Public Health Studies)