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The cost effectiveness of antiretroviral treatment expansion strategies in Vietnam

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Project Supporters:

AusAID International Postgraduate Award, VINE project.

Project Members: 
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Dr Anh Tran
Senior Research Fellow
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Visiting Professorial Fellow
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Project Main Description: 

In 2000, a national commitment has been made to expand access to antiretroviral (ARVs) in Vietnam. However, the number of patients infected with HIV in need of ARV has far exceeded the supply of ARVs. Little has been done on cost and effectiveness of antiretroviral treatment in Vietnam.

Project Collaborators: External: 

Prof. Chris Doran (University of Newcastle)

Prof. Peter Hill (University of Queensland)

Dr Anh Duc Ngo (University of South Australia)

A/Prof. David Wilson (University of New South Wales)

Dr Lei Zhang (University of New South Wales)


This PhD research will examine the costs and benefits of providing antiretroviral treatment in Vietnam.  It will cover a range of specific aspects, including structural determinants of access to treatment, the cost-effectiveness of commencing antiretroviral treatment at different thresholds and the characteristics of patients who are lost to follow up.

Design and Method: 

The research will use a series of economic models to explore different aspects of the cost-effectiveness of treatment. 



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Dam Anh Tran received a scholarship to present her work at the International AIDS Conference in Washington DC in 2012, and International AIDS Society Conference in Kuala Lumpur in 2013.  


The findings of the project will strengthen the evidence base required to develop appropriate and effective antiretroviral treatment in Vietnam given the resource limitations in Vietnam.

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