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Program of International Research and Training (PIRT)

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Project Supporters:

UNODC Vietnam, UNODC Myanmar, UNODC Head Office

Project Members: 
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Adjunct Professor
Ph 02 9385 0333
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Ph EA Tori Barnes: 02 9385 0292 / t.barnes@unsw.edu.au
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Mrs Zahra Alammehrjerdi
Research Assistant
Project Main Description: 

To facilitate research and training to minimise the harms from drug use and to increase the effectiveness of drug treatment internationally.

Project Collaborators: External: 

Dr Alex Wodak (Alcohol and Drug Services, St. Vincent’s Hospital)

Ms Robyn Hopkins (Consultant)

Mr Babak Moazen (PhD Student, Germany)

Design and Method: 
  • Build capacity into research in drug treatment within developing countries
  • Build capacity for monitoring drug use and drug problems in developing countries
  • Build alliances between Australia and developing countries in terms of understanding drug trends and law enforcement
  • Encourage policy relevant research consistent with national strategies and cultures.

PIRT has undertaken a review of HIV in prisons for the UNODC and contributed to a special issue of JAIDS on female sex workers and female prisoners. 


2014: Report on HIV in prisons, conference presentations, journal articles. 

2013: Report on HIV in prisons for the UNODC.

2012: PIRT staff assisted with papers in Acta Medica Iranica and Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation. Dr Dolan made presentations at the 6th HAARP Consultation and Coordination Forum in Cambodia and UNSW’s Global Health Conference. She continued her membership of the Australian National Council on Drugs’ Committee on Asia Pacific Drug Issues. Finally, PIRT produced ‘STOP AIDS IN PRISON: A peer educational health training manual for staff and inmates in Vietnam’.

2011: Peer reviewed papers and presentations at conferences in Sydney, Washington, Taiwan and Arizona. PIRT staff authored a policy document entitled 'Advancing the sexual and reproductive health and human rights of prisoners living with HIV'. PIRT has published three journal articles on our women’s clinic in Iran. Dr Dolan travelled to Iran to present results of the women’s clinic at an international conference on reproductive health in Iran in February.

2016: International Narcotics Control Board, 116th session.


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