EDRS Bulletin December 2011: What consumers are using now: which drug is on top? Feasibility study of regular stimulant users

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Author: Natasha Sindicich, Laura Scott, Annette Keates, Janneke Rijnart, Lucy Burns

Resource Type: Drug Trends Bulletins

Key findings

  • Numerous sources have indicated that ecstasy (MDMA) has continued to decline in use and availability globally as well as nationally
  • A feasibility study was undertaken to assess whether broader range of stimulant use is a better sentinel sample group to target rather than sole use of ecstasy
  • Regular stimulant users (RSU) were recruited and compared to regular ecstasy users (REU) across a variety of variables
  • A total of 34 RSU participants were recruited in NSW, VIC, TAS and WA
  • Compared to REU, RSU had a similar profile across a range of variables such as: demographics, mental health and alcohol use. However differences were evident in lifetime use of certain drugs, recent use of emerging psychoactive substances (EPS) and some risky behaviours
  • Despite fluctuation in the ecstasy market, the evidence would suggest to continue to incorporate ecstasy as a hallmark criterion to monitor drug trends in regular drug consumers


Citation: Sindicich N., Scott, L., Keates, A., Rijnart, J. & Burns, L. (2011). What consumers are using now: Which drug is on top? Feasibility study of regular stimulant users. EDRS Drug Trends Bulletin, December 2011. Sydney: National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, University of New South Wales.