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The minimum unit price of alcohol in the Northern Territory

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Author: Dr Nic Taylor

Resource Type: NDARC Seminars

Dr Nic Taylor presented on Thursday, 25 May. 

In an attempt to reduce heavy alcohol consumption and related harms, the Northern Territory government set a floor price for alcohol in October 2018. This price was set at $1.30 per unit of alcohol, 10 grams of pure alcohol or one standard drink. Two government evaluations and peer-reviewed research articles have directly examined the influence of the minimum unit price on alcohol consumption, and related harms in the three years following its implementation. This presentation discussed those findings, the difficulties of researching the minimum unit price, and what we do not know.

About the Speaker

Dr Nicholas Taylor has worked in alcohol policy research since 2015. Much of his research has focused on evaluating the impact of policies and interventions in nightlife settings on alcohol-related violence. He has also investigated how pricing policies have influenced alcohol consumption in the Northern Territory, and how drinking trends are changing among adolescents. His work involves using epidemiological data to map the impact of interventions on alcohol consumption, violence, and other alcohol-related harms.