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An update on NDARC smoking cessation trials

An update on NDARC smoking cessation trials

Presenter: Ryan Courtney

Author names: Courtney RJ, Brewty R, Aoun K, Talukder S, Boland V, McRobbie H.

Author affiliations: UNSW, NDARC

High tobacco smoking rates persist in Australia despite concerted implementation of key tobacco control policies to reduce uptake and encourage cessation. Smoking rates are more pronounced among low-socioeconomic population groups. COVID-19 has placed some restraints on clinical research implementation. This session will explore NDARC's currently funded National Health and Medical Research Council clinical trials and provide an update on trial progression and overview of the aims and methodology adopted for these telemedicine-based trials. Three clinical trials focussing on smoking cessation will be highlighted including: 1) cytisine versus varenicline; 2) vaporised nicotine products versus oral forms of nicotine replacement therapy; and 3) tailored text messaging versus telephone Quitline support for smoking cessation.

image - Ryan Courtney