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Jude Byrne
Last week we were greatly saddened to learn that Jude Byrne, a leader in the AOD sector, passed away peacefully surrounded by her family. Jude worked with many NDARC staff, over many years. Her... Read more
Stay Kind logo
Experts are calling for harm reduction support for young people engaging in Sydney nightlife as lockout laws and COVID-19 restrictions lift. COO of the Stay Kind Foundation (formally the Thomas Kelly... Read more
Image - One in 10 people who inject drugs used the anti-psychotic  medicine quetiapine for non-medical purposes, says new report
Among 7,000 people who injected drugs (PWID) in Australia between 2011-2018, approximately one in 10 used the antipsychotic medicine quetiapine for non-medical purposes (i.e. in a way that was not... Read more
Image - Opioid agonist treatment could substantially reduce drug related deaths if used more widely
New evidence that opioid agonists such as methadone and buprenorphine could substantially reduce drug related deaths if more widely used in the community and prison, and for longer, has been... Read more
Image - Increase of drug treatment episodes for methamphetamine due to smoking the drug
The rate of drug treatment episodes for methamphetamine increased from 77 to 262 per 100,000 population between 2003 and 2019, which is due mostly to smoking the drug says new report. Researchers... Read more
Image - Increase in cocaine prevalence, availability, and hospitalisations in Australia says new report
An increase in cocaine availability, prevalence of use, and hospitalisations in Australia has been mapped in a new report. Led by researchers at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC... Read more
Image - New report highlights weakness in system for Opioid Agonist Treatment
Most people (80 per cent) in opioid agonist treatment in New South Wales are managed by a small amount (20 per cent) of mature prescribers, which poses a serious weakness in the health system says... Read more
Image - Adolescent females three times more likely than males to experience alcohol-related blackouts says new report
Adolescent females are three times more likely than males to experience increasing numbers of alcohol-related blackouts according to a first of its kind report. Researchers at the National Drug and... Read more
Image - What caused the drop in crime?
Australians are less likely to be mugged, to have their house broken into or their car stolen than in the last 20 or 30 years, according to two leading criminologists. In a new book titled ‘The... Read more
Image - Caring for 66,455 revellers at risk delivers $7.5m harm-reduction benefit for Sydney
Authors: Phillip Wadds, Senior Lecturer in Crimonology, UNSW Sydney. Anthony Shakeshaft, Professor and Deputy Director of NDARC, UNSW Sydney Christopher Doran, Professor of Health Research Economics... Read more