Criminal justice system

Determining the impact of opioid substitution therapy upon mortality and recidivism among prisoners: A 22-year data linkage study.

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Prisoners are a marginalised group placing considerable costs on society. They experience very high rates of drug dependence, health problems and premature mortality. Without intervention they are highly likely to come into further health risk.

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Promoting compliance, ‘recovery’ and ‘desistance’: Comparative case studies of pre-sentence diversion schemes for drug misusing arrestees in Australia and England

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There is a growing body of research evidence demonstrating the impact of a range of pre-sentence diversion options at engaging substance misusing defendants in treatment, and reducing illicit drug use and ‘related’ offending in both Australian and British contexts.

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Exploring the relationship between cannabis use and crime among adolescents

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Within both the Australian and international literature, the association between substance use and criminal activity is well established.  The nature of the relationship, however, is still widely debated with no overall consensus being reached on how crime and substance use influence each other. 

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The extent of ‘not-for-profit’ supply of illicit drugs in social networks in the Sydney marketplace for ecstasy

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The current project is concerned with elucidating a little known phenomenon in retail level illicit drug markets: the supply of illicit drugs within social networks.  There is very little published empirical research in this area, a fact which itself strikes a call for further research.  Drug pol

Supply demand and harm reduction strategies in Australian prisons: An update

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The Australian National Council on Drugs (ANCD) has requested a review of the prevalence of alcohol and/or drug use problems among prisoners and the range and availability of supply, demand and harm reduction programs and services in prisons.

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