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Young Australians’ opinions on responses to alcohol and other drug use are currently being sought in a new research study. The Australian National Council on Drugs (ANCD) has commissioned the Drug... Read more
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A report released by the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre reveals that a total of 500 Australians aged 15-54 died due to accidental opioid overdoses in 2008 – the latest year for which final... Read more
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Success in reducing alcohol consumption and related harms is likely to lie in the integration of multiple policies, rather than reliance on individual, uncoordinated approaches. This is the... Read more
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Non-profit group Australia  21 has released a new report on illicit drugs, entitled “Alternatives to prohibition”. This report is  based on their second roundtable on illicit drugs, held in July 2012... Read more
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Embargo: not for release before 12:00am 28 August 2012 An escalation in the availability of synthetic drugs and the emergence of the internet as a major retailer of illicit drugs and “legal highs” is... Read more
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A new report from the Australian National Council on Drugs (ANCD) has highlighted that the operation of Australia’s prisons need far greater levels of accountability and transparency, as well as a... Read more
Updated November 2014: Please note the COPE manual published by NDARC is no longer available. It has been superseded by the following: Sudie E. Back, Edna B. Foa, Therese K. Killeen, Katherine L.... Read more
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The National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC) will mark its 25th birthday with a celebration of its ground breaking achievements in reducing drug and alcohol harms in Australia. The... Read more
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The Director of the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre at UNSW, Professor Michael Farrell today welcomed the Government’s commitment to drug and alcohol research through the investment of $24... Read more
Landmark Australian study shows people with substance use issues can be successfully treated for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 350,000 Australians have comorbid PTSD and substance misuse... Read more