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Current NDARC Higher Degree Research Students

Student name

Project title

Primary supervisor

Liam Acheson Pilot randomised controlled trial of lisdexamphetamine for the treatment of methamphetamine withdrawal Professor Michael Farrell

Chrianna Bharat

Data-Supported Decision Making: optimising substance dependence treatment using linked data (read more)

Professor Louisa Degenhardt

Rebecca Bosworth

Reduction of drug-related harm in prison: A global assessment of the current situation and evaluation of specific programs (read more)

Professor Michael Farrell

Skye Bullen

Evaluation of nation-wide programs for high-risk young people

Professor Anthony Shakeshaft

Bonita Byrne

Cultures within culture: exploring the influence of Aboriginal clan, family and community relationships in responding to alcohol related harms in Aboriginal communities in NSW

Professor Anthony Shakeshaft

Rory Chen

Adding an electronic-cigarette to standard behavioural treatment for low-socioeconomic status smokers: A randomised trial

Dr Ryan Courtney

Philip Clare

Issues in mediation analysis and applications to drug and alcohol research

Associate Professor Timothy Dobbins

Samantha Colledge

Increasing Global Knowledge of Physical and Mental Health Harms among People who Inject Drugs

Professor Louisa Degenhardt

Leigh Coney

A two-country comparison of drug quality, informed use and police encounters on cryptomarket and traditional drug users: Australia and Portugal

Dr Amy Peacock

Christopher Eassey

Re-Thinking Harm Reduction Strategies in Sydney's Night Time Economy: A Cross-National Comparative Analysis (read more)

Professor Anthony Shakeshaft

George Economidis

Evaluation of Functional Family Therapy - Child Welfare (FFT-CW) and Multisystemic Therapy for Child Abuse and Neglect (MST-CAN) in NSW

Professor Anthony Shakeshaft

Juliana Erthal

Analysis of Global Changes in Opioid Medicine Production and Availability: Country, Regional and International Trends

Dr Natasa Gisev

Marta Fredes The use of novel interactive visualisation platforms to improve services for vulnerable people in NSW, Family and Community Services (FACS) and Alcohol and Other Drug (AoD) government services. Professor Anthony Shakeshaft

Daisy Gibbs

Improving the evidence base for services working with people who are at high risk of re-offending after release from prison (read more)

Dr Sara Farnbach

Jason Guo Quantifying the risk of harms from opioids using linked data Professor Louisa Degenhardt

Nicole Herridge

AOD interventions in headspace centres

Dr Ryan Courtney

Lisa Hilder

Maternities complicated by mental illness and substance use in the information age

Professor Lucy Burns

Ria Hopkins Identifying and addressing issues in access to health services among people using opioids for chronic pain. Dr Natasa Gisev
Doug James Examining treatment outcomes for Aboriginal clients of Indigenous drug and alcohol residential treatment services in NSW Professor Anthony Shakeshaft
Jaime Mclellen Recognising and responding to violence, abuse and neglect in drug and alcohol and other health services: Evaluating the implementation and impact of a whole-of workforce capacity building package across the Mid North Coast Local Health District. Professor Anthony Shakeshaft

Richard Mellor

Problematic Alcohol Behaviours: An Exploration of Self-Transitioning

Professor Alison Ritter

Abiola Olukayode Olaleye Quantifying the risk of harms from opioids using linked data. Professor Louisa Degenhardt

Thomas Santo Jr

The relationship between child maltreatment, mental disorders and opioid dependence in people who use opioids (read more)

Professor Louisa Degenhardt

Shivanjali Singh

Cannabis and its Acceptance by Patients and Health Professionals (CAPH)

Associate Professor Suzanne Nielsen

Anna Spencer Contemporary needs of care-givers to persons with problematic substance use - Identify needs of care-givers and test intervention to improve emotional health and well-being of carers. Professor Lucy Burns

Maureen Steele

Do harm reduction programs in NSW reduce harm?

Dr Sarah Larney

Saki (Ruba) Talukder

Barriers to Treatment Utilization and Smoking Cessation among People with Mental Health Disorder

Dr Ryan Courtney

Lucy Tran To better understand the nature of mental health disorders among people who use methamphetamine, treatment options for these mental disorders, and the effect that these mental disorders have on treatment outcomes for methamphetamine use Professor Louisa Degenhardt

Wing See Yuen

Trajectories of Alcohol-related Harms in Young People (read more)

Dr Amy Peacock