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Treatment and Intervention

Understanding the health and service needs of diverse populations of pharmaceutical opioid users: Cohort studies of dependent users in treatment, and people who inject drugs

image - Understanding The Health And Service Needs Of Diverse Populations Of Pharmaceutical Opioid Users

This project will provide crucial new data on the nature and trajectories of Pharmaceutical Opioid (PO) use through the study and follow-up of two very different and yet extremely important groups of pharmaceutical opioid users: those attending treatment services for PO dependence, and people who

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Pharmaceutical opioid analgesic (POA) dependence and treatment responses

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Opioid agonist treatment is commonly initiated as a first-line treatment for individuals with pharmaceutical opioid dependence, even though much of the evidence base for the use of pharmacotherapy treatments in opioid dependence has been derived from studies conducted with primarily or exclusivel

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