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image - Scott Sandars Drug Testing Square
Tags: cannabis, law enforcement, policy Status: Current
The state of cannabis legalisation varies between countries and there has been a recent increase in those which legalise medicinal cannabis use and regulate its use and production for recreational... Read more
image - Road To Nowhere Chris Ford For Web
Tags: remote, Treatment, prevention, evaluation Status: Current
The National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC) have been invited to work with 5 remote NSW communities to retrospectively evaluate a suite of interventions aimed at prevention of drug and... Read more
image - Hospital Emergency Sign Square
Tags: opioids, opioid substitution therapy Status: Current
We will identify a population cohort of people who use opioids, examine hospitalisations and emergency department visits in this group and determine the impacts of opioid substitution therapy on... Read more
image - Czech Republic Square
Tags: cannabis, policy, decriminalisation Status: Current
The main aim of this cross-cultural comparative study of marijuana markets in Australia, United States (Florida) and the Czech Republic is to improve knowledge of what impacts different legal regimes... Read more
image - Istock 000011155366 Square
Tags: steroids, Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs (PIEDs) Status: Current
This project aims to describe patterns of AAS and PIEDs use; where people are sourcing them from and why; users' experience of harms; and users' utilisation of health services. 
image - Itread Logo 300 Square
Tags: alcohol, mood disorders, e-health Status: Current
This project will conduct the first randomised controlled trial of an internet delivered treatment for comorbid depression and binge drinking in young people aged 18-30 years, augmented with social... Read more
image - Caylus Logo Square
Tags: inhalants, Indigenous Australians, youth, Intervention Status: Current
The Central Australian Youth Link Up Service (CAYLUS) supports community initiatives aimed at reducing the supply of, demand for, and harms associated with substance misuse among young people across... Read more
image - Exploring The Economic Costs To Family Members Affected By Drug Use
Status: Current
Drug use can lead to significant financial, psychological, physical health and social consequences for family members. Despite this, previous economic assessments of drug use interventions have not... Read more
image - Understanding The Health And Service Needs Of Diverse Populations Of Pharmaceutical Opioid Users
Status: Current
This project will provide crucial new data on the nature and trajectories of Pharmaceutical Opioid (PO) use through the study and follow-up of two very different and yet extremely important groups of... Read more
image - Istock 000012526327medium Square
Tags: drug trafficking Status: Current
Knowledge about drug suppliers, including traffickers, is slim. This stymies our capacity to understand, foresee and forewarn what Australian and international drug traffickers will do and what... Read more