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Tags: alcohol Status: Current
In this study, we examine performance monitoring in detail in young heavy drinkers, using both behavioural and brain functional measures.
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Tags: policy, law enforcement Status: Current
This study will shed light on how policy gets formed by police, and what influences the policy formulation process. Two policy case studies: drug detection dogs and police attendance at drug overdose... Read more
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Tags: Indigenous Australians Status: Current
Indigenous Australians experience a disproportionately high burden of alcohol-related harm relative to non-Indigenous Australians. These alcohol-related harms are typically cumulative, extending... Read more
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Status: Current
This project seeks to provide an evidence based understanding of public opinion towards drug policy in Australia, by analysing empirical survey data.
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Tags: heroin, opioid pharmacotherapy treatment (OPT), Treatment Status: Current
Heroin use and associated harms can be reduced through effective treatment. Past research has shown that treatment for heroin dependence can be relatively cost-effective, but not whether heroin... Read more
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Status: Current
2000 stories is a landmark longitudinal study of adolescent health and development. A group of 2,000 Year 9 Victorian students was selected in 1992 and have been regularly surveyed through secondary... Read more
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Tags: emerging psychoactive substances, internet Status: Current
The Drugs and New Technologies (DNeT) project aims to investigate drug marketplaces online and in other emerging technologies. It aims to assess and quantify the online availability of drugs,... Read more
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Status: Current
This project examines the non-medical use of prescription stimulant drugs among Australian university students for cognitive enhancement purposes. It will, for the first time in Australia,... Read more
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Tags: opioids, pharmaceutical opioids, chronic pain Status: Current
There has been a recent increase in the prescribing of pharmaceutical opioids to Chronic Non-Cancer Pain (CNCP) patients in Australia which has led to increasing professional and public concern about... Read more
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Status: Current
NIDIP was established in the recognition that there was a greater need for the regular dissemination of trends in the epidemiology of drug-related harms in Australia. It was also established to... Read more