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Status: Current
In this study, we will undertake detailed analyses of the largest cross-national epidemiologic study of mental and substance use disorders ever conducted. The WHO World Mental Health Survey (WMHS)... Read more
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Tags: opioids Status: Current
The Comorbidity and Trauma Study (CATS) is a large retrospective case-control study, which examined the influence of genetics and environmental factors (e.g. childhood trauma) contributing to opioid... Read more
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Tags: opioids, chronic pain, opioid substitution therapy Status: Current
This study examines the utilisation of opioid substitution therapy among a large community sample of chronic non-cancer pain patients receiving long-term opioid substitution therapy (OST). The study... Read more
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Tags: cannabis, schools, Intervention, youth Status: Current
This research seeks to address the gap in early intervention research for cannabis use by developing and evaluating a school-based early intervention targeting young people suspended from school for... Read more
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Status: Current
The Australian government expends an estimated $1.7 billion on responding to illicit drugs every year, with policing comprising 64% of this expenditure. One core assumption underpinning this... Read more
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Status: Current
New psychoactive drugs that mimic the effects of prohibited drugs are increasingly available in Australia, and there is mounting evidence of their harmful health effects. This research examines the... Read more
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Tags: alcohol Status: Current
Globally, harmful alcohol use continues to be a major modifiable contributor to the burden of disease. In 2004/5, alcohol accounted for 27% (=$15.3 billion) of the Australian social costs of drug... Read more
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Tags: pharmaceutical opioids Status: Current
This research project seeks to examine the patterns and costs of Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme-subsidised opioid use, including extra-medical use, in the Australian population. 
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Tags: cannabis, law enforcement, policy Status: Current
The state of cannabis legalisation varies between countries and there has been a recent increase in those which legalise medicinal cannabis use and regulate its use and production for recreational... Read more
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Tags: remote, Treatment, prevention, evaluation Status: Current
The National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC) have been invited to work with 5 remote NSW communities to retrospectively evaluate a suite of interventions aimed at prevention of drug and... Read more